Hi....nice to meet you

I'm a documentary style wedding photographer who has viewed life through a lens for over twenty five years. My career started as the first female camerawoman for the BBC in the North of England. I went on to direct live television and big events but all the while my faithful stills camera was by my side. Eventually my passion for photography took over so I took a deep breath and dived right in. And I've not looked back.

Having been a bride I know how important it is to capture those special moments that stay with you forever, from the last hug with your dad before you enter the church, to the best man splitting his trousers on the dance floor. I'll be there for all of it - most of the time without you even knowing.

I want you to feel like you are the stars of the show. Whether you want all the glitz and glamour or you want to hide in a forest you will always get the best of my creativity. I treat every couple with the uniqueness you deserve.

To every shoot I bring a blend of calmness, friendliness and fun coupled with professionalism, experience and a deep passion for producing lasting images and making your big day as lovely and stress free as can be.

When you sit down in years to come and look at your wedding album I want you to feel like you're living it again, seeing those precious times that mean so much to you and even the ones you missed riding the wedding day wave.

Every couple's big day I've ever photographed has a special place in my heart and there is plenty of room for your story too.

Photographer with family

My family

My amazing support network. Husband Andy and daughter Poppy. These two are utterly bonkers but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Photographer in past job as television director

My past life

Me sitting in the director's chair in the gallery at BBC Bristol. I didn't always direct the programme dressed as a viking - my daughter was in charge of my outfits for a week to raise money for charity!

Selfie taken of photographer in French Alps

My happy place

On a mountain in the French alps enjoying a bit of apres-ski after snowboarding all day.

(Note to self - learn how to take a selfie without looking confused.)